Martin Carney Falls Community Church

Marty Carney | Artist Statement

I am an artist wondering at the art of living. My passion for art and creativity has emerged and evolved over the years. I have lived my life so far in the American Midwest. As my aunt once marveled flying into the Midwest after having lived away from this area for a length of time, “The green! The shades of green!” I live within those shades of green unfolding.

Within this “heartland,” I find a place to express the landscape of my soul. I find space to stand in the sun, to feel the rain and snow, and to huddle in warm coffee shops with friends through the long and dark winters. For sixteen years, I lived near Sheboygan on the Wisconsin shores of Lake Michigan as an artist and as a pastoral leader in a community of faith, Falls Community Church.  In April 2018, I moved to Lake Geneva where I am now active in the Geneva Lake Arts Foundation, Gallery 223, and continue to serve as a pastoral leader at First Congregational United Church of Christ in Lake Geneva.

So along with all the Midwestern shades of green, I’m now captivated by this broad space and the hues of blue that unfold within this place of lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

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