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Doing Inventory… Beginning in Illinois

While I was on “vacation”–or at least a new definition of the word vacation–I began one of my business of art chores.  I began to take inventory of my paintings… a least the paintings from the last 20 years that decorate my parents’ home in Illinois.  Yesterday I began the ongoing task of cataloguing and organizing the details about these pieces of art.  Welcome to the left-brained aspects of the art world! From the graphic below, you’ll see what a challenge this is for me.  I live my life most authentically as it emerges from a “right-brained” focus.



Here below you see me entering data and numbers into the computer….  Blah… Blah… Blah… 🙂

Inventory Work 2

Four Paintings from “Painting With Purpose” Event, October 3-6, 2013

I enjoyed a Fall Retreat with 13 other artists on the weekend of October 2-6, 2013 as we “painted with purpose.”  Each evening during our wine and cheese breaks, we would talk about the day’s painting out in the beautiful scenery of the woods near the Kettle-Moraine State Park.  We had two days of beautiful and sunny weather to paint the fall colors; then we adapted to the two  other days of rain and fog.  Painting in a tent and then looking out from one of the garages all day made for interesting shared moments with the other artists.  Below you see the four paintings I completed “en plein air” [on location] during the retreat.

Birches in the Fall 2013 10x8 oil on board

“Birches in the Fall,” 2013, 10x8inches, oil on board.

In the Woods 2013 10x8 oil on canvas

“In the Woods,” 2013, 10x8inches, oil on canvas.

Maple Leaf 2013 6x6 oil on board

“Maple Leaf,” 2013, 6x6inches, oil on board.

Willow in the Fall 2013 24x12 oil on canvas

“Willow in the Fall,” 2013, 24x12inches, oil on canvas.

Four Days of Enjoying and Painting the Changing Colors of Creation

For four days, I joined with thirteen other artists at the Tree of Life Retreat Center in Greenbush, Wisconsin.  We enjoyed significant time surrounded by the changing colors of Autumn.  Those colors and patterns of life opened our eyes to this particular season in our lives and in our art. As you see, it was a wonderful setting to fill our imaginations with the gifts and wonders of life’s variety.

2013 Tree of Life Fall Painting Retreat

Alan Pape, whom you see below, a local artist and retired architect, organized and led the retreat.  He opened this space of four days for us to create art, learn from one another, and enjoy good food and drink.


Below you’ll see several of my paintings in progress.  We painted two days in beautiful sunshine, and two days in rain and fog.  Adapting to the changing environment was part of the challenge and adventure of the experience…


02 Painting in the Fog and Rain

It was also enjoyable to catch up with Kitty Lynne Klich, from whom I took oil painting lessons for eleven years.  It was a joy to share a few days with her and other old and new friends as we shared together our passion for creating art and finding beauty even within the chaos of life.