“Undone (After Wright and Schmalz)” 2016, 48×36, oil on canvas



“Journey, Hoping Against Hope” 2016, 16×20, oil on canvas



“Art Club” 2016, oil on canvas, 8×10


Nick Mann Doodles Painting his Story of the Sturgeon Mural


“Nick Mann AKA Doodles Painting his Story of Sturgeon Mural,” 2013, 12×24, oil on canvas.

Nick Mann graciously welcomed me and allowed me to paint “en plein air” as he worked on his art.  His mural is one of several in “The Wooster Collective: The Sheboygan Project” sponsored by the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.


North Beach House Sheboygan 11x14 oil on canvas

“North Beach House, Sheboygan,” 2013, 11×14, oil on canvas.

This was painted “en plein air” on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.  I enjoyed basking in the freely sunlit day with the others near the beach.  As usual, painting in public created opportunities for conversations with passersby as they enjoyed their day in the sun.


The Falls After Spring Rains 2013

“The Falls After Spring Rains,” 2013, 24 x 30, oil on canvas

The churning water caught my attention as it streamed around the stand of grass tenaciously rooted in the bedrock.


Awaiting Fiesta 2009

“Awaiting Fiesta,” 2009, 12 x 24, oil on canvas

I inherited several pieces of my Grandmothers’ Fiestaware dishes.  They bring back good memories of childhood with both of them.


Sunflower 2013

“Summer Sunflower,” 2012, 48 x 36, oil on canvas.

This vibrantly beautiful sunflower grew in the urban garden near Above and Beyond in Sheboygan several years ago.


Into the Darkness

“Into the Darkness,” 2012, 12×24, oil on canvas.

This is a “soul painting” that emerged as I played with the greys which so powerful in the winters and early springs of this area along Lake Michigan. From a technical perspective, I especially wanted to play with the grey created by the tension between mixing the colors viridian and alizarin crimson.


The Will Come an Undaunted Spring 2011

“There Will Come an Undaunted Spring,” 2011, 8×10, oil on canvas.

Given our long Winters here in Wisconsin, I am always inspired by the first flowers which break through the end of Winter’s snow and hint that Spring is just around the corner.


A Fine Winters Morning 2010

“A Fine Winter’s Morning,” 2010, 8×10, oil on canvas

Thanks to college friends, I was able to spend a week along the Pacific Ocean.  This view looks south toward Laguna Beach, California.



“Bird of Paradise,” 2010, 11×14, oil on canvas.

In a visit to California, I was fascinated by these beautiful flowers.  Being a life-long Midwesterner, the tropical Bird of Paradise is wonderfully exotic.  I was inspired to paint this from a photograph I had taken after the trip during our long, snowy Wisconsin winter.



“Tree of Life: Sheboygan,” 2009, 12×16, oil on canvas.

I was attracted to this beautiful tree along the lakeshore, so I spent and afternoon painting it “en plein air.”


Behold now the Kingdom 2008

“Behold Now,” 2008, 11×14 oil on canvas

This is an example of a still life I painted some years ago… a bouquet purchased from our local farmer’s market.


1 thought on “Paintings

  1. John Wenig

    Hello Marty
    I didn’t know that you were an artist. Your work is wonderful. I’m not artistic at all, but I’ve always wanted to paint something, and have no idea where to start.
    One of these days I will try something.


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