Four Paintings from “Painting With Purpose” Event, October 3-6, 2013

I enjoyed a Fall Retreat with 13 other artists on the weekend of October 2-6, 2013 as we “painted with purpose.”  Each evening during our wine and cheese breaks, we would talk about the day’s painting out in the beautiful scenery of the woods near the Kettle-Moraine State Park.  We had two days of beautiful and sunny weather to paint the fall colors; then we adapted to the two  other days of rain and fog.  Painting in a tent and then looking out from one of the garages all day made for interesting shared moments with the other artists.  Below you see the four paintings I completed “en plein air” [on location] during the retreat.

Birches in the Fall 2013 10x8 oil on board

“Birches in the Fall,” 2013, 10x8inches, oil on board.

In the Woods 2013 10x8 oil on canvas

“In the Woods,” 2013, 10x8inches, oil on canvas.

Maple Leaf 2013 6x6 oil on board

“Maple Leaf,” 2013, 6x6inches, oil on board.

Willow in the Fall 2013 24x12 oil on canvas

“Willow in the Fall,” 2013, 24x12inches, oil on canvas.

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