A Day at EarthFest

I was thankful for the generosity of Bob Fleming, a local artist, who allowed me to display three of my paintings in his booth during the day of EarthFest in Sheboygan, Saturday, August 17th.  It’s the first time that I’ve stayed in an art booth at an all-day festival.  It was interesting to experience and to interact with people during the event.  The conversations were energizing and intriguing as we shared our appreciation of the artwork and the creativity of the day.  Music, creativity, good food, good coffee,  and a desire to celebrate protecting our earth and our future upon this planet.

Cosmic Trinity Bright

This was one “cosmic” event where I thought that my painting above, which celebrates creation and creativity, fit in and was right at home.  Variously titled “Trinity” or “Creation”, it is a framed 16×20 oil on canvas.   I painted it in 2005 to celebrate the “dance” of creation.

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