“What is calling out to you here?”

Last weekend I attended the Artists’ Reception for the “Indiana Green” exhibit hosted by the Frank Juarez Gallery in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  As I wandered among the rich variety of art works and had conversations with several artists and friends, I overheard one of the artists talking with her friend.

The artist asked, “So what is calling out to you here?”  Then she followed her friend to another room in the gallery.  I noticed later that he had taken her to a piece of artwork in the main room and was talking with her in an animated way.  I had a similar experience as I was enjoying the artwork of a local artist, Kay Jelinek.  Her work “Layers of Scapes” was especially “calling out to me” in its beauty.

That’s an interesting way to describe beauty, isn’t it… “what is calling out”?  It’s as if beauty is an invitation to participate in something that is good.  For me,  as I talked with Kay about her particular piece it emerged that her work was an abstract work based upon her reflections of objects in nature and in her personal life that had “called out” to her.

So what is “calling out” to you and inviting you into something good?

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